Here's the Brief:

There's a $10 per person refundable deposit required for your booking during this time of increased restrictions. This deposit will be refunded by the host when you check in upon arrival - please allow a few days for the refund to clear in your account.

Bookings over 10 people will be automatically cancelled.

We are not accepting cash payments for food or drinks during this time. All orders will be taken using the me&u beacons on your tables. If you are having any issues ordering through the beacon, yell out to a staff member for help.

No Changes to Bookings:

Once you have made a booking you will not be able to make changes; you will only be able to cancel your booking using this 'Cancel Booking' link, & proceed to re-book the next available Booking time you would like.

We may need to know some details for you booking though this is all it will be used for.

Don't be late:

You can arrive late though your booking 'end time' will remain the same; main meal orders will need to be made before an hour of your booking 'end time'. 

Don't Risk It:

If you're feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone unwell recently, we ask that you 'Cancel Booking' & book again when you are feeling better. 

While visiting, please abide by government advice on social distancing and health & safety regulations. 


We are really looking forward to you dining with us. 



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